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Plan for preparation of new and revised JIS

The attached List is our plan for preparation of JIS drafts.
The preparation will be carried out by industrial associations,etc.

On Participation in JIS Drafting Committees Arranged by Industrial Associations of Japan from Foreign Countries

Inquiry and Contact

Industrial Science Technology Policy and Environment Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (JISC)
1-3-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901, Japan


Contact a : International Standardization Division

(phone) +81-3-3501-9277

Contact b : International Electrotechnology Standardization Division


Revised JIS


PDF FileApril 2018(PDF:22KB)

PDF FileMarch 2018(PDF:10KB)

PDF FileJanuary 2018(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileDecember 2017(PDF:11KB)

PDF FileNovember 2017(PDF:11KB)

PDF FileOctober 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileSeptember 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileAugust 2017(PDF:13KB)

PDF FileJuly 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileMay 2017(PDF:16KB)

PDF FileMarch 2017(PDF:13.6KB)

PDF FileFebruary 2017(PDF:6.76KB)

PDF FileJanuary 2017(PDF:6.90KB)

PDF FileDecember 2016(PDF:14.2KB)

PDF FileNovember 2016(PDF:90.5KB)

PDF File October 2016(PDF:7.0KB)

PDF File September 2016(PDF:90.0KB)

PDF File August 2016(PDF:108.0KB)

PDF File July 2016(PDF:6.9KB)

PDF File June 2016(PDF:6.1KB)

Revised JIS

PDF FileMay 2018(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileApril 2018(PDF:21KB)

PDF FileMarch 2018(PDF:11KB)

PDF FileFebruary 2018(PDF:8KB)

PDF FileJanuary 2018(PDF:11KB)

PDF FileDecember 2017(PDF:15KB)

PDF FileNovember 2017(PDF:9KB)

PDF FileOctober 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileSeptember 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileAugust 2017(PDF:18KB)

PDF FileJuly 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileJune 2017(PDF:7KB)

PDF FileMay 2017(PDF:22KB)

PDF FileApril 2017(PDF:9.82KB)

PDF FileMarch 2017(PDF:14.3KB)

PDF FileFebruary 2017(PDF:9.05KB)

PDF FileJanuary 2017(PDF:8.94KB)

PDF FileDecember 2016(PDF:43.8KB)

PDF FileNovember 2016(PDF:88.9KB)

PDF FileOctober 2016 PDF:32.7KB)

PDF FileSeptember 2016(PDF:66.0KB)

PDF FileAugust 2016 (PDF:115.0KB)

PDF FileJuly 2016 (PDF:11.2KB)

PDF FileJune 2016 (PDF:6.4KB)

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