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JISC's International Activities in 2016

JISC fosters cooperative relationships with countries around the world through standardization initiatives that contribute to regional economic development.

March & December 2016
[ Regional Training Course for Chairs and Convenors in Tokyo, Japan ]

Organized by JISC with ISO to enhance leadership and consensus-building skills of ISO Chairs and Convenors. In March, 22 participants from Japan, Malaysia and Cambodia attended. In December, 26 participants from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Bhutan and Singapore attended.

May 2016
[ The 39th Annual General Meeting of Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC 39) in Bali, Indonesia ]

PASC aims to strengthen collaboration and promote participation in international standardization activities, including ISO/IEC-related activities in the Asia-Pacific region. At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, members introduced new ISO/IEC proposals and reported on their regional activities. Japan introduced proposals for standardization in response to ageing societies.

July 2016
[ The 15th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation Forum in Matsue, Japan ]

Convened annually since 2002, the forum aims to strengthen cooperation on standardization activities between Japan, China and Korea, as well as promote collaboration in some specific fields. In 2016, the forum convened in Matsue, Japan, and reached an agreement to cooperate in four fields, including in the newly proposed area of smart manufacturing.

August 2016
[ JISC/IEC/Asia-Pacific Steering Group Human Resource Development Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand ]

The seminar aims to cultivate specialists and build networks to vitalize IEC international standardization activities in Asia. In 2016, the seminar convened in Bangkok, Thailand, and focused on the theme of Renewable/Alternative Energy.

January 2017
[ CEN-CENELEC-JISC Secretariat Meeting in Tokyo, Japan ]

JISC has worked with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) since the late 1990s and renewed its Cooperation Agreement with CEN-CENELEC in 2014. This agreement promotes cooperation by experts from both sides in several technical areas. The 2017 meeting discussed Japan-Europe cooperation in the fields of industrial digitalization, service standards, and international outreach activities.

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