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Recent Activities

Followings are some examples of new international standards lead by JISC

[ Driving safety of vehicles ]

In December 2017, ISO 19237 (Pedestrian detection and collision mitigation systems) was issued based on the proposal led by Japan. These standards are expected to contribute to popularizing vehicles with built-in preventive safety functions (e.g. automatic braking systems) that work e ectively in low-light or dark conditions, in order to reduce the chance of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

[ Sustainable community infrastructures ]

In December 2017, ISO 37153 (Smart community infrastructures-- Maturity model for assessment and improvement) was issuedbased on the proposal led by Japan. It is expected to facilitatean environment in which the performance level ofinfrastructure services and technologies (e.g. energyconservation) are accurately assessed, thereby contributing to sustainable communities.

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