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Flowchart of JIS development

First, a JIS draft is prepared by an industrial association entrusted by the relevant ministry or made by an interested party. The draft is submitted to the relevant Minister, then the Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) starts deliberation. After consultation with a concerned board and a concerned technical committee of the JISC, the draft is reported to the relevant Minister to be established/revised as a JIS.
To accelerate the development of JIS, a new scheme has been established under the partial revision of the Industrial Standards Act which took effect on July 1st in 2019. A JIS draft proposed by a private association who are accredited as having expertise in developing JIS by the relevant Minster, became able to skip the deliberation of JISC.

Some chances are publicly announced to interested parties in this development process.

Figure. Flowchart of JIS development process


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