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Coverage of JIS

JIS covers industrial and mineral products with the exception of (1) medicines, (2) agricultural chemicals, (3) chemical fertilizers, (4) silk yarn, and (5) foodstuffs, agricultural and forest products designated under the Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products.

The, letter symbol indicates the technical area (JIS Division : see the explanation in Figure bellow)

Figure. JIS Symbol and Classification (Coverage items)

Letter Symbol Division
A Civil Engineering and Architecture
B Mechanical Engineering
C Electronic and Electrical Engineering
D Automotive Engineering
E Railway Engineering
F Shipbuilding
G Ferrous Materials and Metallurgy
H Nonferrous Materials and Metallurgy
K Chemical Engineering
L Textile Engineering
M Mining
P Pulp and Paper
Q Management System
R Ceramics
S Domestic Wares
T Medical Equipment and Safety Appliances
W Aircraft and Aviation
X Information Processing
Z Miscellaneous

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