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Conformity Assessment Related to JIS




[ JIS Mark ]

Manufacturers that receive certificates of conformity from accredited certification bodies are eligible to put the JIS Mark on their products. All certification bodies accredited for the JIS Marking System must be compliant with ISO/IEC 17065. The certification process consists of two elements: evaluation of the conformity of products with the relevant JIS and evaluation of the manufacturer's quality management system. As of March 2016, there are 24 JIS-accredited certification bodies, including three outside of Japan, which have issued about 8,700 certifications for JIS Marks.

[ Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System (JNLA) ]

JNLA is responsible for Japan's system of assessing and accrediting the competence of testing laboratories to issue test reports based on JIS testing methods.

Certification under the JIS Mark Certification Scheme

  1. For procedures for acquiring respective certification, make inquires at accredited certification bodies that provide certification services. Information on accredited certification bodies is available from the List of the Accredited Certification Bodies .

  2. The scheme covers manufacturers or processors (domestic and foreign), importers (domestic), retailers (domestic), and exporters (foreign).


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