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Conformity Assessment under IEC

JISC actively participates in all four international conformity assessment (CA) systems administered by IEC/CAB: IECEE, IECEx, IECQ and IECRE. Issuing or recognizing certificates by certification bodies in Japan under these CA systems promotes global trade in goods and services in the field of electrotechnology. JISC currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the Certification Management Committee (CMC), the highest policy making body of the IECEE.

Conformity assessment activities under IEC in Japan
CBs Certified TLs Issued
Related legislation
IECEE 4 51 17,012
(in 2016)
(in 2016)
The Electrical Appliances and
Materials Safety Act
IECEx 1 1 2
(in 2017)
(in 2017)
The Industrial Safety and
 Health Law
IECEQ 1 1 18(in 2017)   -
IECRE* - - - -

CB: Certification Body
IECRE*: System launched in 2014

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